Buyer Protection Plan

At Wisconsin Lakes Realty your satisfaction is our number one concern. We provide an Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan with each parcel of land. Wisconsin Lakes Realty is a specialist in recreational and residential land. We are very selective about the land that we list. In fact, out of every 25 parcels we investigate, only one is listed. At Wisconsin Lakes Realty, we never sell a parcel of land we wouldn't buy ourselves.


Four key features of our Buyer Protection Plan:

Warranty Deed
A Warranty Deed is provided at closing. By providing a Warranty Deed, the Seller is warranting the property is free of any unacceptable liens or encumbrances. A real estate transfer by Warranty Deed is the most protective conveyance available.

A survey, prepared by a licensed professional land surveyor, is provided for almost every property listed. This assures that the boundary corners are properly located and marked, and that the property dimensions are accurately measured to determine the correct acreage.

Lot Information Statement
A Lot Information Statement is provided to answer some of the many questions many people forget to ask, such as: What are the restrictions on the property and how is it zoned? What sort of access is there and how is it maintained? Is the property suitable for a sanitary system? What are the property taxes and annual assessments. The answers to all of these questions and more can be found on your Lot Information Statement.

Guarantee of Buildability
Our Guarantee of Buildability is a guarantee in writing based on all currently applicable local, county, state and federal zoning and land use regulations that the property shall be buildable and suitable for a single-family residence and suitable for a state approved sanitary system.

Financing Options
Wisconsin Lakes Realty is experienced in working with bank financing options that provide maximum value, easy terms and no-hassle qualifications. Just fill out an application and the lenders that we work with will take care of the details. Most bank approvals take 72 hours or less. There are no application fees, no points to pay and no prepayment penalties. The amount of your initial investment and terms are flexible. Since our lenders work with mortgages, not land contracts, you'll receive a warranty deed at closing, along with a commitment for Title Insurance for additional security.

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